OLab4 Help

Getting started

How to create your first map

Basic learning design steps

We have some of the basic pointers included in our 'VP on VPs' case.

Focus on a few key points

Don't try to convey too much in a single map. We find that early authors are too ambitious. Start small. You can always come back and expand it later.

Draw your map backbone

Using the Designer, you can map out a basic path in a join-the-dots fashion. Create a few nodes that contain your main points and then build from there.

Add some content

The Node editor functions like pretty much any text editor for a web page. You don't need to know HTML or fancy coding stuff. Just write what you want to say and add a few pictures.

Play your map

Once you have a few nodes (or pages) linked together, fire up the Player and see how it will look to your learners.


Not much. A web browser, an Internet connection, and a free trial account on an OLab4 server.
Link to the 'how to get a free account'