OLab4 Help

Logging In

How to get into OLab

Playing a scenario

To run a case or play a scenario, you will need to go first to the OLab4 Player.
Eventually, we will have a single interface for all these functions but for now, these are separate.
Login to our main demo server at https://demo.olab.ca/
While we are reconfiguring and integrating our services at UCalgary, you may need to go to our dev server at https://logan.cardinalcreek.ca/player/
You will see a screen like this:
OLab login screen
Remember that your password is case-sensitive.
If you don't already have a login, use 'guest' for the username and password.

Request an account

As we roll out OLab4 more extensively, it will be easier to get full access to our systems.
In the meantime, we suggest you try our Contact page: https://olab.ca/contact-us/

Access via Moodle

Many courses and classes will get access through our Moodle service. If you have directed to login via https://moodle.olab.ca/, the login credentials for OLab should be taken care of. Moodle will know whether you are a student, a teacher/facilitator or a course author and will pass on your credentials to OLab.

Creating your own scenariosQuick Notes

As noted in the Quick Notes section, you will to login to our Designer service for this. Your account will need the appropriate Role e.g. teacher, author etc. See Users, roles for more on this.