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Context Identifier Generation And Retrieval Service
When sending activity statements to a Learning Records Store (LRS), it is sometimes important to be able to collate statements that relate to a group of learning activities that are all part of a single learning design. We are trying to move away from the monolithic perspective that there is one ring app ecosystem to bind them all. (Yes, we are looking at you, Adobe).
Within the definition of an xAPI Activity Statement, there is a section about 'context'. The definition is broad and flexible, which is both a good and a bad thing.
insert link to xapi context and identifier. Should be https://cigars.olab.ca
Very few groups have taken a meaningful look at how to use context and a context identifier. Indeed, it is not in the interests of large vendors to do so. They want to keep you within their ecosystem of linked applications. We all know that one size does not fit all. When all you have is a hammer, etc etc,
We have established a basic context identifier service which provides both the generation of new unique context IDs, and a simple lookup service so you can establish if a colleague has already set one up for you.
insert links to CIGARS, the context metadata
CIGARS is intended to be more of a straw man or prototype so that interested groups can explore the various aspects of trying to blend xAPI statements from across a variety of learning tools. It is not intended to be the ultimate solution that is generalizable to all contexts(!) - we got tired of waiting for that. Better to have something we can poke at and test.