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What are those funny codes in square brackets?
Shortcodes, also known as wikirefs, are those funny little entries that you will see when working with the OLab4 Designer. For example, [[MR:234]] or [[QU:2345]].

List of shortcodes

Example shortcodes or wikirefs in OLab4

What's new in OLab4?


Many shortcodes refer to Scoped Objects. The idea of Scope is that you can share such objects, and their shortcodes, across many different Maps. Scope can be
  • Global-level: shared across all instances of OLab. Part of the distro.
  • Server-level: shared across this OLab server with all maps, nodes etc.
  • Course-level:TBD
  • Map-level: shared within this map but not beyond. (OLab3 objects were usually map-level.)
  • Node-level: local to this Node; if another of same name is in map, the values are not retained

Friendly names

In OLab3, you had to use the ID number of the object, which was not very user-friendly. Scoped Objects now have friendly names and you can use these (or the ID number) to refer to an Object.