OLab4 Help


Session reports, activity metrics and report

Comparison with OLab3

Report writing is the bane of any database development team. You can never keep up with the expanding list of requests for customized reports. In OLab4, we have chosen to make it easy to export tables and values so that you can use the analytics tools of your choice.

Basic Session Reports

The Session Report, that simple page that would appear when the user clicks on the button [End session and view report], is further simplified in OLab4. We have turned our attention to improving the data that can be exported.

Export to Excel

Exporting to XLS files will be significantly enhanced so that you can use MS Excel, Tableau, SPSS or pretty much any number-crunching tool.

Using xAPI and the LRS

The Learning Records Store (LRS) is a much more capable and powerful datastore. We have chosen Learning Locker as our primary LRS. It is based on MongoDB which is a no-SQL database.
The schema of the LRS is designed to be flexible, allowing complex queries that do not depend on pre-existing table relationships, indexes or triggers.