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Using simple images to represent peope in your case
In OLab2 and OLab3, we had a simple tool to create and edit Avatars. While this was easy to use, it had a lot of limitations.
Nowadays, there are a lot of 3rd-party avatar generator apps out there. Rather than constrain how authors will include avatars into their maps, we are encouraging them to use such 3rd-party tools.
In OLab4.6, we are exploring how we might be able to integrate some interesting 3rd-party avatar generators. This is looking promising. Contact us if you have a project that would benefit from more advanced avatars.
Here are a couple of simple avatar tools that we have found:
https://avatarmaker.com/ -- quick and easy avatar generation. But while you can change the face quite a bit, you cannot do things like make them older, or change the background to something useful.
https://avachara.com/avatar/ -- similar options. No facial hair. Backgrounds are worse.
If you have suggestions on alternatives, use the Comments on this page: https://olab.ca/avatars-in-olab4/