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Entrada framework

More about the underlying framework that supports OLab4 and provides IAM services and a few other aspects of curriculum or content management.

What is Entrada?

Entrada is no longer part of the OLab infrastructure from version 4.5 onwards.
This section of the Help files will be deprecated.
Entrada, or now Elentra, is a curriculum management system, tuned for medical schools. It is a robust and stable software platform that provides many of the general housekeeping services needed by OLab4.
Elentra is well documented elsewhere. https://docs.elentra.org/learn-elentra-me/v/master/ -- OLab4 is based upon Elentra ME 1.12 - make sure that is the version that the Elentra help docs are pointing to.
For OLab4, Entrada remains largely in the background. For our development teams, it provides a useful shortcut which means we have to spend less time on routine chores. OLab4 is only loosely coupled to Entrada and is based on a stable, non-changing, free, open-source version. If there is a future need to decouple from Entrada, this is entirely practical.
In terms of maintenance overhead, you do not have to dedicate resources to installing or maintaining Entrada (or Elentra). While it is a capable system, that we highly recommend, we are not trying to trap you into a freemium model where you will eventually become dependent on Elentra. If it is not useful to you, you can largely ignore it.

Will I have to deal with Entrada at all?

You may want to use Entrada for a few basic tasks:
If you already have Entrada or Elentra running at your organization, it is easy to integrate with your current system.